What is the Great Tour of China?

This is a 4x4 adventure, a long distance journey that will take you thought some of the most remote areas of China, through some of the highest roads and tracks in the world.  First off the route that we take is proven by us, ensuring that you can follow in safety and have the security that an organisation is with you to take care of any hassle you could experience doing this type of trip on your own.

How do I know I can trust LetsGoExplore? 

All members of the LetsGoExplore team are experienced travellers to remote and exotic places,  any route that we offer has been well documented and actually driven by us prior to your arrival.  We use only experienced local guides and translators.  Our shipping agent is also a well travelled person who himself has toured through China as well as other places around the world.

Is my vehicle suitable for this tour?

Any modern 4x4 with good ground clearance should cope well, it is vital that your vehicle is reliable and fully serviced prior to this event.  Suspension will need to be in good condition and ability to carry enough fuel to cover over 500km plus an extra spare wheel.  We will also issue you with a full list of recommended spares. Our agent in China will make all the arrangements for your Chinese licence plats and drivers licence.

What are the road conditions like and how experienced do I need to be?

We will be travelling on highways when we want to eat up the kilometres and get quickly from one exciting place to another, but also we will travel on small roads and tracks, especially in places like Tibet where we can come across roads that are washed out by heavy rains.  Donąt worry we WILL get you safely though!

How do I get to Hong Kong and back home from Beijing?

Our flight agent can supply you with probably the best offer on direct flights into Hong Kong and out of Beijing.  The entry fee includes shipment of your vehicle to and from China, our shipping agent take care of everything so you don’t need to worry or go through the hassle of sorting this out.  All you have to do is arrive in Hong Kong!

What about insurance?

The entry fee includes third party insurance cover in China, you are responsible for arranging your own comprehensive vehicle and travel insurance.

How will LetsGoExplore support/look after me?

While you are in China you will be looked after by our team comprising of two tour leaders, Chinese tour manager plus medic.  We also carry satellite phones for communication to your family back home and for use in any emergency.  We will travel in a “loose” convoy of vehicles with one of our 4x4 at the rear making sure that no one gets left behind.  We have a medic that will take care of any medical issues and should we have a mechanical problem with any vehicles we will do our best to fix anything at the road side, bigger problems we will arrange a local garage to fix the problem for you.

Will altitude be a problem?

Let's Go Explore have a lot of experance in high altitude from Mountains tour in Nepal and China.  We have planned each day with care so we will not be ascending too fast.  For approximately two weeks we will be at over 3000m and will climb to just over 5000m at times.

How much does this tour cost?

The fee is Ł9550.00 this includes the tour itself along with all the support services, all hotel accommodation, welcome and farewell dinners, mini bus transfer to various restaurants and functions, shipping of your vehicle, Chinese license plates and driver’s license.

What clothes should I bring for this adventure?

Our advice is to be economical don’t bring a months supply of clothes. Laundry will be available in most of the hotels we use.  The list of hotels that can launder your clothes will be in the information pack we will send to you.


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