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The Bikes


We are driving on two Yamaha Teneres one from 1987 and one from 1984.

Why did we choose Yamaha Tenere?

  • It's a simple bike.
    • Easy to learn to repair your self.
    • Mechanic around the world can also repair the bike.
    • No electronic on the bike.
    • Run with a normal cap. No advanced injection  system.
    • Can get some spare parts around the world.
    • Easy to do service on (Change oil, change oil filter, etc..)


  • It's weight is only around 160 kg (Dry)
    • Your bike should never be more heavy (incl. all luggage) that you can pull it up your self if you have a crash.


  • Low Petrol usage and a big tank.
    • Petrol usage is around 18-20km per litre petrol.
    • The standard petrol tank is 28 l. So that make the bike go 500-550 on a tank full.
    • Drive on all kind of petrol unleaded, leaded and down to 76 oct. (maybe lower)


  • It's not so expensive, 2500-3500$ for a used one. (The older models are the best.)
    • You don't lose so much money if it get stolen (It's almost impossible or very expensive to get the bike insured for a around trip).
    • The Carnet de passages en Douane (Custom papers need for a number of countries around the world) will not be so expensive.


  • Strong bike.
    • A lot of people have being driving a round the world on this bike with out any big problems.
    • Do runs to hot in the desert, if is the model with oil cooler.
    • Many People have being running more 100.000 km on the bike.
    • Strong frame, no problems in off road situations.
    • Weak points are the the coil for the ignition and rear shock absorber (normally give up after 30-40.000 km). So change it before leaving. New reinforced coil con you get from www.mitterer.ch



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