This is our road an dried out river.

Lunch break after some super off-road driving and more to come.

Which way ??

Where have you being people are asking.

This guy needs just a little more then he is also of on a world tour on motorbike.

Laurent making tee to the people living around our camp.

Face of Mongolia.

Kids of Mongolia.

Kids of Mongolia.

Kids of Mongolia.

Wait of the milking "machine".

Hmmmm, Where to go Laurent? Good to have a Compass. Used most the compass to find around in Mongolia.

Just again a dried out river.

Hmmm, What happened here.

A little carburetor adjustment on Laurent's bike.

View from our camp site. Nice to wakeup to a view like this.

A little break with some other "bikers".

Taking cover from the rain while making dinner.



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