The main road between Sary Tash and Osh (The second biggest town in Kyrgyzstan).

Ups, Oil leak from Laurent Oil tank. But not worse than we can continue our trip to Osh.

Broken luggage rack on Anders bike.

But can be fixed with some Russian repair technique.

Bike service. Laurent: Repair of oil tank, change oil, clean air filter. Anders: Fix luggage rack, Oil change, clean air filter. Both: Wash clothes.


First time in a very long while we had a normal petrol station,  where you could say please fill it up.

Russian 8V lorry engien. Very simple construction.

The Russian lorry.

Sary Tash a little sad village in the middle of no where.

Normal installations around here...

Lorries coming from China, with all kind of stuff. That our road to China 70km dirt track. At the border we have our China connection waiting with all the papers need to get in to China on motorbikes (e.g. China number plates, China driving license, insurance, road tax, etc...). You need permit from 5 different government departments. The border crossing was no problem, 1,5 hour. But before we got to the border crossing we had to wait 1,5 hour at the first checkpoint before enter China. Because they had lunch break, so we spend the time with playing basketball with the border guards.