Lunch stop on the way from Khorog to hot springs Garam Chasma.

Always people asking questions whan we are stopping.

Insite a typical Pamir house with the classic 5 layer roof.


Garam Chasma hot springs, very nice ;o)

During a "Photo stop" we meet a school class there could speak a little English.

One of the many nice views along the road.

Trying to get the bike into the house for the night. But the door was to small.

Laurent reading  English with out hosts boy.

On visit at some friends of our host.

Looking at there photo album.

Time to pack up and get on the road again. But as usual with the whole village looking

The kids from the village. Comming to say goodbye to strange people...

Another hot spring (Bibi Fatima) on other way.

12th-century Yamchun Fort or what is left of it.

Sunset from Bibi Fatima.



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