Border crossing in Wagha Pakistan to India. This is the way goods are crossing the border.

Hard work to run with a box of tomatoes on your hear

This is the border line where the boxes are transferred from the blue "team" (india) to the orange "team" (Pakistan).

Blue team on the Indian side of the border line.

Laurent with out team crossing the border

To get to the camp site in Amritsar we had to drive though the restaurant.

Guard looking after that every thing is okay at the holiest sikh shrine. (Golden Temple,Amritsar).

The golden is placed in the middle of the pool Amrit Sarovar, from where the town got is name.

This is bullet marks from the British military there killed and wounded 2000 Indians in 1919.    

Here is two of our friends (Tom and Peter) making there way trough the traffic in Amritsar.

Pilgrim outside the Durgiana Temple there is a small copy of the golden temple.

The cooking team at a road restaurant we stopped at on our way to McLeod Ganj (North of India).



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