Anders leaving Delhi direction Goa, Laurent leaving 2 days later in direction Rajasthan. Anders want to go direct to the beach in Goa. Laurent want to see more of Rajasthan before going in direction Goa. So we split up here in Delhi and will meet up again at the beach in Goa.

Stopping at a train crossing waiting for the train to pass. Within 10 sec. there is a big crowd around me asking a million questions at the same time in hindi....

First stop after Delhi was Ranthambhore national park there is famous for there tiger. But the only tiger I saw was this one. Because the government closed the park..... 

Camels running on petrol ???????

I tried to ask these two guys but they only speak hindi...

Next stop was Mandu, Here the Royal enclave group


In India it's often the woman there do the hard....

More Royal Enclave.....

The Jama Masjid mosque it's the largest example of Afghan architecture in India.

The Jama Masjid mosque.

It's hard to be guarding buildings....

Hoshang's Tomb.

Dai-ka Mahal.

End of a tourist day in Mandu, tomorrow it goes in direction of the Ajanta Caves.

Ajanta caves, All this is caved out the mountain. Very impressive. 



This is a cave there was never finished.

Entrance to the caves.

On the road again to Goa.

Arriving at Palolem, Goa. Palms trees and Bamboo huts......  :o) Time for relax on the beach after 2200 km drive from delhi.



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