Stopping in a town 50 km after crossing the border in to Tajikistan. Where we are parking our bikes in the lobby.

The hotel in town was not 5 star hotel.... No water in the hotel. Unfortunately I can't store smell on the web..... But you don't to breath in there.... 

This is the bath....

Leaving the hotel next morning.

Getting petrol in Khojand. They don't petrol in the pumps only in jerry cans. So you are not sure what you get. So if you buy 5 L is comes for the glasses on the table. If 20L he comes with a jerry cane. The price here was 1$ per liter 80 oct.

This is the only road between north and south Tajikistan and it goes over two passes Ayni pass (3378 m) and Anzob Pass (3372 m). The passes a closed with snow between November to May.

Our first try to get over the pass we had to turn around there was so much fog that we couldn't see 2m in front of us.

A Look down on the road.

First pass (Ayni Pass) done. No problem....

Here the second pass (Anzob Pass) done. Here a couple trucks doing some repair. When driving up there is truck parked every 1-2 km doing repair. Repair gear box, back axle, Tire etc....  

This is the way down.

Down from here the trucks drive very very slow. I can't hardly hold the balance on the bike when driving behind a trucks. So slow are they driving.

Good old Russian truck on the way up.

Here is one there tried to take a short cut. Not a good idea......



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