Lunch stop on our way out of Kazakhstan. On the main roads there is always a place to get something to eat.

We maked a detour to Charyn Canyon, before driving in to Kyrgyzstan

To get to  the bottom of the canyon we had to go down a quit steep and bumpy "road"

Laurent down in the canyon without problems.

View from our camp site at the bottom of the canyon.

Laurent on the way out of the canyon, It was easier to get down. We both had to "eat" some dirt before we got to the top of the canyon again...... 

Just a couple of adjustment after "eating" dirt.....

So now we are in Karakol, Kyrgyzstan. After the easiest and fastest border crossing until now. We spend around 10-15 min. to get in to Kyrgyzstan.

Need to make a small adjustment of my front break after changed the break pads with Russian remake ones, with a peace of a cola can. It's still working ;o)

At the lake Issyk-Kul beach.

The beach boys relaxing at one of the beach resorts a long the lake. It's manly rich people from Kazakhstan there come here. A house at the resort cost around 200.000 $



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