Boader into China.

The highest point on our tour until now. Pass Ahbaital Pass between Murgab and Karakul. The biks worked fine but of cause not the same power as normal max speed around 60-70km/h..

View from the pass. Snow will soon close the pass. So it was last call for us.

View over Kara-Kul (Kul means lake).

Typical Tajikistan house.

Drying clothes....

Maybe this bike have being around the world.... Will my bike look like that after the tour...

Kara-kul village.

Looking back on Tajikistan, soon we will cross the border to Kyrgyzstan. Tajikistan very interesting country and very nice people. One day it would be nice to come back.

That is our road if you can call it a road. It's 20 km no mans land between the Tajikistan border and the Kyrgyzstan border. Nobody care about the road. Interesting driving....

Here the water have removed a part of the road.

When we arrived in Kyrgyzstan, we need at call our China connection to check if all the paperwork to enter China was okay. This women did a great job to try to get a connection to China, but no luck. So we had to drive to the next big town Osh (170 km drive) to do the phone call.

View of the countryside in Kyrgyzstan, what there is a lot of in Kyrgyzstan.

Our host family in Sary Tash

View of Lenin peak 7134 m

The house of our hosts.

Home of people there got to old...



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