So now we try again with a russian repair of the coil and hope it works this time.

Doug form Alabama on his Indian from 1948 and we though we was running on old bikes (Our bikes are form 1987).

Belgium guy on a new Russian bike.

At last out of Ulan-ude and back to do camp. The second repair of the coil worked.

Now it's our turn to help somebody by borrow them our little hand pump to pump there tire.

Mongolian view.

Mongolian road, just what we have being waiting for.

First water crossing, no problem just a little wet feed.

Our new Mongolian friend there like motorbiks.

Our home for two nights a Mongolian "ger"

Inside the tempel

The temple Amarbayasgalant Khiid, The biggest and most important temple in Mongolia.

A German and English speaking Monk, Trying out our motorbike.



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