On our way out of Bishkek south. Here we have to cross our first high pass Tor-Ashuu Pass 3586. It's going tobe interestion to see how the bikes will work in 3600 m. And will there  be ang snow...

Yes, we make it. The bike was working fine, no problems. We had also done a little preparations on the bikes. Clean air filter and removed a part of the air box. The part is only there to reduce the air intake noise.

Snow at 2800m, but not on the road ;0).

Very very beautiful landscape.

Now we are back in the valley and the temperature is back again to 15-18 degrees. What is perfect for biking. At the pass we had around 2-3 degrees there is a "little" cold for biking.

View over the Toktogul Reservoir

Laurent prepare our fish for dinner.

River coming from the Reservoir.

A small break. As usual people coming and asking the "standard" questions. All people are always asking the some. Where are you from? (Switzerland and Danmark) How many liter can you have in the petrol tank? (28 L) What is the mark of the bike? (Yamaha) And looking at the speedometer to see how fast the bike can drive. (180 km/h....)

Not every thing is so beadiful along the road. The an asphalt fabric. 

Cotton feld in the south of Kyrgyzstan.

Two Kyrgyz guys, the old one with the traditional Kyrgyz hat all old Kyrgyz man are using.

Our camp site, In a middle of a feld.

Some hoses close to the camp, working around on there own.

This is the south of Kyrgyzstan very close to the border to Uzbekistan. Look in the back ground there is a very nice asphalt road. We can't use it because it's in Uzbekistan and we don't have a visa for Uzbekistan. Here in the south the borders between Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan are very complex so we had to be very careful that we don't end up in Uzbekistan. And ofcause we meet a Kyrgyzstan police control there want us to pay him 5$ but after some talk he only want some cigarettes, but we didn't have any, so he ended up to give us two breads..

After crossing the border in to Tajikistan. Border crossing in to Tajikistan was no problem one hour. Only the border guys had some problems what kind of paper they should fill in, but after a couple of phone calls they found the papers to fill in and we should pay 10$. That I think went in there pocket. 



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