Krasnoyrsk at the river site.

Krasnoyrsk by night

Two bikers we met on our way.

Found a abandon house to stay in, there was to many mosquitoes to sleep out site.

Here is so out new home for one night, Russian traditional style

Our house...

Pit stop at the road site.

Pit stop manager.

Main road between two big towns, Krasnoyrsk and Irkutsk 

Camp fire to keep the mosquitoes a way, but didn't help much...

The road to Irkutsk.

Home build car using an old motorbike engine

Kick starting the "car"

Meet a Russian 4x4 driver on the way.

Again we meet our trans-siberian train. We a manly following the Trans-siberian railway.

Russian building still in Irkutsk.

Now in Listvyanka at lake Baikal. Lake Baikal is the biggest lake in the world. Contain the most water. At some places it up till 1637 meter deep.

Fog at lake Baikal.

Making service and checking the bike. When it's not raining..

Cover the engine for the rain during small repair.

Old Russian building still from the beginning of the 1800 century

More buildings....

Even the swiss post is not that precise, empty between 11.49 - 11.54

View from our camp at the beach at lake Baikal.

Camp site at the lake.

The tailway between Itkutsk and Ulan-ude (120km) there is more than 200 bridges and tunnels

Road "shops" but the only thing to buy is smoked fish and strawberry.

An Another bridge

An other....

Do know who is who?


On our way to Mongolia.

Hmmmm, maybe not on our way to Mongolia... Laurent do you have a problem? Yes the bike the bike it just died. So we had to pull Laurent's bike back to towen.

Here in town we found a rescue team, Meng and Alex

Alex is Driving the bike to the store where he works they have a work shop where we can do the repair and borrow the directors internet connection so we can order new parts.

Taking the bike a part, the problem is the generator for the ignition is kaput so it don't generate any power.



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