We make a two day loop along the river Shokh Dara, while waiting for the OVIR office (Visa registation office) to open. Very nice tour...

Around here all work is manual.

Here our host for the night. The people are extream frendly. We just ask this guy if he know where is a guest house around here. His reply was I don't know but you can stay at my place. So 5 min. later we was sitting in his house and the tee was served. 

This mother and son.

After a good nights sleep, breakfast was served.

Hmmm,  Not much road left here.

Autumn catching up with us.

Very beautiful.......

We are not only ones there are using the road.

We just stopped to take some pictures in a village. two minuts later the tee was served on the feld. Very nice people.

Nice road...

Getting some help for the navigation from the locals.



Getting wet feet.


Yes, this is the "road", so wet feet again.



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