Now enter into north of Pakistan via Khunjerab pass (4720m) a little cold on motorbike. Remember to drive in the Left side.

Is also arrived here in Pakistan autumn.

It took around 20 years to build the Karakoram Highway (1200 km).

Maintenance is a huge and endless job, rockfalls, mud and floods are routine around here.

The Passu Glacier are almost reaching the road.

Often there is as many people outside as inside the cars.

View from out hotel window in Karimabad, Hunza valley

Baltit fort, was  used until 1945.

Water channels build to bring water down to town.

We did a walk a round the water channels. It was amazing to how the channel was build into the mountain. Quit interesting walk on the edge of the water channel. On one side the water on he other 200-400 m down.  



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