On the way to Gilgit a small village along the Hunza River

Nice path up to the village.....

An other amazing path on the mountain side. Caved out in the mountain.

Pool is a very popular sport after cricket in Pakistan.

We went to see a training game, very interesting to see.

Here some Chinese drilling in the KKH, All the way along the KKH there is Chinese people working to keep the road in good condition.

Here the cross point between the Karakuram, Hindukush and Himalaya range.

First view of a really big mountain 8126 m what they call the killer Mountain because ones there was a German expedition of 40 persons was killed by a avalance on the Mountain.

That the killer........

Here an other collect of a nail (number four nail collected), but a nice view.

The road to tarashingen also caved out in the mountain.

View of Nanga Parbat from the to tarashing. 

Just a other nice morning view.

The way in to Narga Parbat, we did a trek from Tarashing to the base camp of Narga Parbat. It was nice to get off the bikes and do this trek..

A small village on the way in to the base camp.

Here the glacier comming down from Narga Parbat.

Laurent collecting nails..... On our way back from Tarashing.

The mountains falling a part... Bad Pakistan quality.



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