Getting petrol again. This guy have a pump there is working, but he don't want to put the petrol direct for the pump into our tank. First from the pump into the bucket and then from the bucket into the tank. Why ?????? I don't have a clue ....

Here we are on our way up to Iskander-kul lake, for a week-end while we are waiting for our visa's. But first we have to cross the Anzob Pass again.

Collecting foot for winter.

Houses along the road.

Stopped for lunch. Went to the kitchen to point what food we want.

Relaxing after a nice lunch. Mashed potatoes, some kind of meat, cola and cup of tee. All together for 2 persons 10 somoni,around 2,50 $

Here a other stop. Big nail in the back tire.

Repair along the road site, while the village kids are looking.

Lake Iskander-kul. The lake was a very popular place for the Russians. Now the president of Tajikistan have build a nice summer or him self.

On the way back from the lake.

An other nail, on Laurent's bike.

Tire repair...

A little village on the mountain side.



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