This is very seldom to see a sign post in Mongolia, and how useful is this one? Telling the way to khovd. There is one road and one town........ 

Camp site between Khovd and Olgii.

This is the road to Olgii.

This is at the marked in Olgii. Need any spare parts I have it, you just have to find it.

Here an other repair, our power supply was falling a part by the vibrations. The components was falling out of the print board. So at the marked we got a soldering iron (1,5 chf), soldering water and some tin. 

On the way to the Russian boader.

Hmmm, what am I doing here....   Having a great time ;0)

Waiting to get in to Russia, Some locals have being waiting 3 to 4 days for this. We waited 2 hours...


Water crossing the dry way. Anders: Laurent you first...

Driving in the rain and 7 degrees. That require to put on all the clothes you have. 3 to 4 layers...

First cafe after border crossing in to Kazakhstan. Border crossing 4 hours. No big problems just have to do some waiting. It was not clear what we was waiting for... The cost of the insurance for Kazakhstan was 1,55 chf for two weeks.



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