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Equipment List


What to bring



Spare Parts


Camp Martial

Medical kit

“Normal” Clothes

Driving Clothes

Electronic stuff



Tools [BACK]

Spanner: 8,10,12,13,14,17,22 mm

Tops: 8,9,10,11,12,13,14,17,19 mm

Sparking plug key

Allen  keys 3,4,5,6 mm

Allen keys Tops 4,5,6 mm

Feeler gauges 0.05, 0.10, 0.15, 0.20 mm

Cross-point Screwdriver, Medium, big size

Screwdriver Medium, Big size

Small saw.

Pliers water pump

Side cutter

Chain “splitter” tool

Ohm multi meter

Inner tube valve tool

Special tool to adjust the valves 

3x tyre tools

Spare parts [BACK]

Gasket pasta.

2K plastic.

2K glue.

Nut “locker”.


Bolts and nuts.

Duck tape.

Power cables.

Power bits (connection etc…).

Cable binder.

Piece of Petrol tube.

Piece of chain.

Part to “close” the chain.

Inner tube front wheel.

Inner tube back wheel.


Inner tube repare kit.

Valve for Inner tubes.

2x spare keys for the bike.

Kitchen [BACK]

Cooker for petrol (Dragon fly MSR).

Petrol Bottle for stove.

1.5 l pot.



Water “bag”.

Camp Martial [BACK]

Sleeping bag.

Silk "Cocoon"

Sleeping mat. (Threm-a-rest)

Sleeping mat. (cheap model)

Tent (hell sport, 2 persons).

Piece of plastic 3x4 m (rain and sun cover).

Head torch.


Medical kit [BACK]

Malaria tablets.

“Normal” Clothes [BACK]

1x Trekking pants.

2-3x T-shirts.

3x Under pants

1x flees or wind stopper.

3x socks.

2x warm socks.

Good trekking Shoes.

Driving Clothes [BACK]

Motor Cross boots.

Driving pants.

Inner pants for Driving pants

Extra warm pants (To take under the Driving pants).

Driving jacket.

Inner jacket for Driving jacket

Motor Cross Helmet.

Inside helmet hut.


Extra glass for goggles.

Driving gloves.

Extra warm Driving gloves. (To take over the normal driving gloves)



Electronic stuff [BACK]

SLR camera with 18-55 mm. (Canon 350D)

Lens 55-200 mm.


Charger for SLR camera.

Small camera (Olympus micro-mini).

Charger for small camera (12v).


2x Spare batt. AAA size. (NiHM).

2x Spare batt. AA size. (NiHM).

Charger. for AA and AAA batt. (12v)


12v power supply for laptop

CD write.

Charger for PC.

220v to 12v power supply

Mobile phone

12v chager for mobile phone.

Documents [BACK]

Copy of all documents (Store a copy of documents on a web server).

Passport (At least valid for two years).

Driving license.

International driving license.

International bike insurance.

International 3rd part insurance.

International health insurance.

Carnet de Passage.

A number of Pass photos.

Credit cards (At least two).

Cash in euro or/and US $.

Diving license.

Diving logbook.

Vaccination book.


Other Documents

Repair manual for motorbike.

Address book.


“Post” Stamp.

Other [BACK]


        Swiss pocket knife.

        Water filter and tablets.

        MP3 player.

        Needle and thread.

        “Tape” for luggage.

        Panniers Touratech (Zega Flex 2x 25l).

        Tank back (for photo stuff).

        Aluminium  top box.

        Packsack 31L (Ortlieb roll closing size medium).


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