Mongolian view, leaving the temple in north of mongolia.

Wild hoses.

Thunderstorm coming, so we had to take cover.

One dead cow...

Camp site after the thunderstorm.

Sun set from the campsite, not bad...

Middle of no where...

Traditional Mongolian ger.

Kicking some ass.....

Digging a weather well, There is a guy 10-15 meter down digging.

Mongolian Camping car.

Police calling for help. On every street corner there is a "phone box" meaning a girl with a wireless phone.

Original de bonsol cafe, Switzerland, somebody knew what that is ????

Street seller's, yes UB is a little polluted 

Playing pool on the street in the sun set, in night they are using head torch.

Our street in UB, where our guest house is.



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