Peter posing on his bike.

Tom posing together with Mister Mc D. Peter and Tom is two English we meet first time in Almarty. We was driving with them to Delhi

In India there is no limit of what you can transport on a bicycle.

Delhi fort, one of the many forts there are spread all over in India.

One of the many buildings inside the fort.

Barbershop on the street.

Three porters there is waiting to get some work

Just a women.....

There is always space for some more......

Humayun's tomb sits

Humayun's tomb sits

Coming from the outside chaos and dirt into the metro in Delhi is a very big contrast. The Metro are very modern and very clear..... Yes it's right it very clean....

Mahatma Gandhi's clothes he had on when he was assassinate in 1948.

From a very new multimedia museum about Mahatma Gandhi. The people showing the museum are more interested in the multimedia technique than the history of Gandhi !!!!!!

The last food steps of Gandhi.

It's not good to have the name Gandhi. Here are the clothes Indira Gandhi had on when she was assassinate.

Here are the Shoes Rajiv Gandhi had on when he was assassinate.

Train museum in Delhi.

When to the biggest photo fair in asia.

India gate by night. It bears the names of 85,000 army soldiers who died in the campaigns of WWI.

We took a local bus... Yes this bus is running, but a had a little spot on the way because the bus ran into a car... Notbody knows what the conclusion was.... So after 10 min the bus continued.

Here is all the people there took part in the discussion.....

The way they are driving, you need a alter in the bus.

Qutb Minar Complex

Qutb Minar tower 73 m, build in 1193 

Poor people are collecting wood all over Delhi for cooking.

This is also a part of Delhi, a lot of poor people there is not getting any help....

Indian lawnmower.....

More poor people....

This is there dream for the center of New Delhi.

This is what they have.



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