Buddhist Fire-worshipping platform in Vrang

Water coming down from the mountains. 

We just make a stop for asking for directions and the next minute we have an invitation for tee and lunch. Who can say no to that after 3 hour on a dirt track. 

Attention:  Stone on the road

The last 100 km from langar to the main Pamir High is on dirt track in the middle of nowhere.


Stay the night in Bulunkul.

New snow in the morring.  Brrrrrrrr..

View over Yashil Kul.

Salt "lake" close to Yashil kul.

Found a guy there is more crazy than us. Tokyo to London on bike cycle. 

Mountains with very nice colors.......

Working on the laptop. Down loading pictures from camera to PC. There was on power in Murgab.

Sunset over Murgab.

Murgab village in morning light.

View of Muztagh Ata from Tajikistan.

Our new friends. We was stopped by a military check point, we were not allowed to carry on. But they invited us in for a cup of tee. We ended up to get Marko polo cheep and tee. 

Here the rest of the cheep

Great driving from the military check point.

Kids from the home stay in Murgab.



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