Video reporter ready for take off.

Off road driving can't get much better ;o)

End of the "river"

This is a water cooled petrol pump.The guy have to put cold water on the pump so it don't run  to hot.....

First view of the sand dunes.

Checking out our helms....

An other camp sun set.

Green oasis between the dunes.

Ready for the down hill.

We are not all alone in the dunes.

Ups, Had a total breakdown in the dunes. Had the same problem as Laurent. The coil for the ignition is kaput. So 1,5 hour repair in the dunes.

Digging out the bike. 45 degrees in the sun

Driving out of the oasis back to the dunes.


Mongolian test Laurent's bike.

No power, so the petrol pumping is by hand.

Biking can be hard... 

Sand driving is not always so easy. We had to pick our bike a couple of times.

This a Mongolian Main road according the sign

We was sleeping one night here....



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