Doing service on our bikes Friday evening at Almaty motorbike club, and having some of the guys helping. After the service it was party time.

This is a very run down sprocket. We had to change chains and sprocket on both bikes but we only had one new sprocket. One of the guys from the club said that he could make a new one. Later we found the new sprocket was maked on an old Russian arms factory in Almaty and smuggled out from the factory. The factory normally produce torpedos tothe russian army when it's not producing sprocket the Yamaha teners. ;o)  

Here is Laurent chatting to one of the girls from the club. She later got the name the witch.

Here I'm testing one of the guys mini bikes.

More service on the bike, oil change, mount new break pads, etc.. At this point we have being driving around 12000 km.



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